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Package Heat Exchanger Air/Water Cooled Blow Film (SK/ACBF) (SK/WCBF)

     Blown Film Machine manufacturers in Thailand often face problems when their machines cannot produce the film at the speed of production as specified by the machine manufacturer. Because the weather in Thailand is hotter than the country of machine manufacturers. The Package Heat Exchanger Air / Water Cooled Blow Film can help solve this problem effectively. It will simulate the weather and send it to the Blown Film Machine (IBC & AIR RING) by controlling the temperature of the wind to have a specified temperature. This causes the production capacity or the rapid production rate to increase by 10 - 20% and also results in more clear film. The smoothness and thickness-thin can be controlled as needed. Solve the problem of bad work Or the work cannot control the quality as the customer wants And can also increase work capacity as well


     Operate and control with PLC (Programmable Logic Control) system with a pre-maintenance notification system. And warning system that protects the machine before it is damaged Can tell the work characteristics and work details clearly. Easy user access, efficient control of the Blown Film Machine system, stable and energy-saving. Moreover, it can be controlled independently without having to operate it from the machine screen alone.

Controlled by PLC

(Programmable Logic Controller)


Package Air/Water Cooled Blow Film

Package Air/Water Cooled Blow Film (Twin IBC & Airring)

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