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Sahakit Anan International Company Limited

SAHAKIJANAN INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is a professional manufacturer specialized in industrial cooling systems and HVAC systems. With more than 30 years of working experience under the brand "VICH", presents innovation and energy-saving technology with advanced control software that has its own copyright. Environmentally friendly, strong, and durable to use.

To meet the needs of industrial applications in all aspects. We are committed to production at every step.

And selects all components and parts to get the best quality products.


Our team has always studied and research new innovations to improve our machines to be more effective. Moreover, after-sales service is our core value. We care and take care of every question, suggestion, and complaint from customers.

     Design, manufacture, after-sales service, maintenance, and repair our cooling systems are used in a wide variety of industries, whether domestic or international:

Plastic Industries

   (Water & Air Cooler Systems)

Automotive Industries

  (Paint-Bath Process-Control; Temp- Control & Cooling)

Cutting – Processes

  (Laser & Water-jet Cooling)

Recycling Industries

  (Incinerator-Processing: Waste > Gasification > Electricity)

Biomass Recycling

  (Methane-Process Cooling & Control)


  (Repair, New Design, Replacements)

Energy Savings

  (Re-use of Hot water from Cooling Process)

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