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Mold Area Protection

(Air Dryer System) (SK/MAP)

Mold Area Protection (Air Dryer System)

     In the plastic injection molding industry If you need higher capacity and production rates. Plastic mold operators need low-temperature water to be supplied to the mold. To shorten

the production time But it often has problems because the lower temperature of the water will cause condensation to form on the mold. Affect many workpieces So, in order to fix these problems, Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the air humidity of the mold room area by Mold Area Protection (Air Dryer System) which can help to solve this problem effectively. Can increase the production rate of the machine to the maximum as needed. It will not cause sweat stains on the surface of the mold and the workpiece. With maintenance, only cleaning with dust filters Easy to maintain

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     Operate and control with PLC (Programmable Logic Control) system that has a pre-maintenance alarm system And warning system that protects the machine before it is damaged. Can tell the work characteristics and work details clearly. Easy to access for the user. Control the system with efficiency, stability, and energy saving.

Controlled by PLC

(Programmable Logic Controller)

     With the efficient operation of the Mold Area Protection (Air Dryer System), the water from the Cooling tower can be used without having to go through the Chiller, since it can use water at the cooling temperature level of the Cooling Tower and still maintain the same efficiency. This results in a significant reduction in the cost of maintenance, energy, and costs.


Mold Area Protection
(By Chiller)

Mold Area Protection
(By Cooling Tower)

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